Introduction to MetaMask Wallet

Hello World MetaMask!

If you're interested in #crypto, one of the first things you'll need is a digital wallet to store your digital assets. There's an entire discussion for "hot", "warm", or "cold" wallets. But as an introduction let's start with a popular browser based wallet, MetaMask. (If you were wondering, this is a "hot" wallet, meaning it is connected to the internet and easily accessible).

For learning purposes, we'll also explore using the MetaMask wallet on a test network. This means you can experiment with "test money" to explore transactions without putting your real $$$ to work - yet!

Step 1. Install MetaMask

Step 2. Set up your MetaMask Wallet

Step 3. Configure the Test Network

Step 4. Obtain Some Test ETH

Step 5. Transfer around ETH

Security Note - A browser based "hot wallet" is a great way to get started and learn. However, this guide does not cover the important security considerations needed when transacting with significant funds. Stay tuned for a detailed post on security information.

Step 1. Install MetaMask

Visit to find the links to download MetaMask for your browser/OS from the respective store.

MetaMask Browser Support

Easy enough. You now have the browser plugin installed and should see this under your extensions.

Step 2. Set up your MetaMask Wallet

Select "Create a Wallet"

Select a Password - This is important! There's no better time than now to construct a good approach to passwords.

  1. Don't be clever and try to remember complex passwords.
  2. Get a good password manager and use it. I recommend either 1Password or LastPass.
  3. Using your password manager you will create a strong and entirely random password to be used for MetaMask. You will not remember this password since it is securely saved in your password manager.

Learn about the importance of the Secret Recovery Phrase. It's worth watching this short video.

Here comes your Secret Recovery Phrase. This is your "key to the bank vault". If this is compromised, all of your funds are gone. Never share with anyone. Store a copy in your password safe. Remember - the order of the words is critical too. In the next step you will prove that you have recorded it somewhere.

Here's where you prove you stored the Secret Recovery Phrase

Want to learn more about Secret Recovery Phrases? Youtube video

Really want to learn more? The standards for Secret Recovery Phrases are defined in Bip39 and Bip32. A good explanation is provided here Mnemonic Generation (BIP39) Simply Explained

That last bullet is important - the Secret Recovery Phrase cannot be recovered by others. Establish a good practice to keep multiple secure copies so you're ready when you do this for real

Let's move to Step 2. Set up your MetaMask Wallet