5 Steps to Increase Your Cybersecurity

5 simples steps to avoid getting hacked

There are a few core changes you can make to dramatically increase your individual security posture.

  1. 2FA for Email - Protect your primary email account with Two Factor Authentication (2FA)
    Instructions: Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft
  2. 2FA for Critical Accounts - Protect critical accounts like banks and credit cards with Two Factor Authentication (2FA)
    2fa Tracker with instruction links
  3. Path your Operating System - Regularly apply patches to your operating system and reboot when needed.
    Windows, Mac
  4. Path your Operating Browser - Regularly apply patches to your web browser and reboot when needed.
    Chrome, Firefox, Brave
  5. Use a Password Manager - Use a password manager so you have unique random passwords for each website
    Lastpass, 1Password